We want to break your music. Not you.

  • You have to own or control your own masters and publishing for next three years and the renewal term; and you must be a registered writer of either ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC, or your country's Performing Rights Organization (PRO). If you have co-writers, they have to own their own publishing too, be a registered writer with a PRO and they must sign off on the agreement as well. If you or your co-writers have an exclusive administration deal for your publishing with someone like SongTrust (Publishing not Digital Distribution), Sentric, Bug Music, Cherry Lane, TuneCore (Publishing not Digital Distribution), EBA Online or another publishing entity, we can not represent your catalog. If you or your co-writers have a full or co-publishing agreement with another publisher, we can not represent your catalog.
  • You own 100%. You DO NOT LOSE or GIVE UP any ownership of the copyrights in the master recording or the composition.
  • Your deal with Crucial Music will not prohibit you from doing anything with your music.
  • You are ONLY granting Crucial Music a NON-EXCLUSIVE right to pitch, negotiate and issue non-exclusive licenses for the use of your music by our clients.
  • Crucial Music will collect and send you 50% of all up front revenue generated by the placements we secure for you.
  • Crucial Music will pay only one person, the person submitting the track, and then it's their responsibility to pay all other co-owners (writers, publishers and master owners) from that payment.
  • You will be paid 100% writer's performance royalties directly from your performing rights organization for the uses we have generated for you. Crucial will be paid by the performing rights organization 100% publisher's share for the uses we have generated for you and only those uses.
  • Crucial Music will never give your music away for free. No "gratis" deals will be made.
  • The agreement will last 3 years. Unless we receive your termination notice, 60 days prior to expiration, the agreement will automatically renew for another 3 years.
  • You will have to provide a full version, an instrumental version and a clean version (if lyrics are explicit) of your song(s). Also have available upon request, sheet music and stems for your songs (meaning each instrument as its own WAV file that can be stacked and mixed in a DAW as needed by the music editors).
  • All versions of your songs will be added to our online searchable databases.
  • All artists receive the same deal and sign the standard agreement. No exceptions will be made; the agreement will not be modified.
  • We will not accept any tracks with copyrighted samples.
  • We will not accept any tracks made with an instrumental, hook, or beat purchased from an online service (example: from Beatstars.com, Soundclick.com, Airbit.com, Sing2Piano)
  • On any royalty-free buyout samples, please read the license terms as not all will allow unlimited use in film/television placements (example: MakeHitMusic.com, RockItPro.com, Beatstars.com)
  • We will not accept any tracks recorded and filed with any union such as AFM, Musicians Union (UK), SAG/AFRTA or any other union in any country.