Search Results


  • We have a new search engine that utilizes AI in processing natural language prompts. Word the NLS prompts in whatever way feels natural to you. If the prompt doesn’t work, just rewrite the prompt in the box and click SEARCH again.
  • Remember to hit CLEAR before a NEW search because the prompt is saved in the field.
  • You can combine the NLS with the Filters section (which is the old search engine) if you are getting too many results.
  • You can still use the old search engine alone (Filters) if you'd like.
  • The AI currently CAN NOT do searches that include combination searches with AND or OR.
  • The AI does understand how to do “public domain” or “not public domain” or “explicit” or “not explicit” searches.
  • The artist style search is much better with AI. You can type in “sounds like the Black Keys” and it will pull other artist styles that are similar (Jack White, Arctic Monkeys, etc).
  • You can limit the artist style search with a tempo, mood, etc: “a gritty black keys style that is medium tempo”.
  • Search results are weighted so better matches appear higher in the results. So with 20 pages of search results, the first few pages are going to have the best matches.
  • To search for a Crucial artist title: type “I’m Havin' a Ball” in double quotes OR CMI16557 I'm Havin' A Ball.
  • To search for a well-known title: type Deck the Halls or in double quotes “Deck the Halls”.
  • If you want exact words in the lyrics (or chorus), type the words in double quotes like this: a traditional jazz song with the words "good life" in the lyrics (or chorus).
  • If you want a song about a general theme, type a few words rather than just one word: “a song about drinking” will bring up songs about drinking beer, water, or anything adjacent like fountain. Change it to this: “a song about drinking margaritas”.
  • The AI attaches the word "orchestral" to the CLASSICAL genre so if you want trailer music type in: “epic anthemic orchestral that is not classical”.

FILTERS (old search engine)

  • To search for a specific track by master number, type PCL, CMI or CMP followed by the number, e.g. CMP13016
  • To search for an exact artist name, song title, or phrase surround the text in double quotes, e.g. "frank sinatra"
  • Combine search terms with AND in uppercase, e.g. "andrew oye" AND warhead
  • If a certain Keyword search is not working, try another Keyword that means the same thing or is similar.


  • Results are alphabetically sorted by Artist and Title, but the Keyword box uses a weighted algorithm for better results.
  • Expand details about each song using the plus/minus symbol. Click the link under "Lyrics" to view full lyrics in a popup.
  • Only one item per dropdown is selectable. For multiple selections, use keyword search.