Songs From the Heart, Played with Passion

The world of indie music is bursting with talent. And we’ve got a direct pipeline to the best of the best. These are songs straight from the heart of passionate artists who care as deeply about their work as you do about yours.

We’re music industry matchmakers, connecting you with the best independent music in the world. When your art meets their art, it’s a beautiful thing.

Quality Matters

We admit it...we’re obsessed with quality. Call us crazy. Call us excessive. But when you call us, you’ll know you’re always going to get the best music for your budget.

We take less than 10% of the submissions we receive. Every song passes by multiple sets of expert ears. We screen for quality of composition, quality of production, and quality of performance. But we also screen for one more important quality: usefulness to you.

We know what works in your productions and what doesn’t. And we never take a song if we don’t think someone like you can use it.

Broad Selection, Deep Knowledge

Every catalog needs to have a broad selection of music. So we’ve got several thousand songs covering a wide range of musical styles over the last hundred years. We’ve also got over 2500 classical tracks.

But quantity alone doesn’t add up to finding the music you need quickly and easily. We’ve got deep knowledge, not only of our own catalog, but of industry trends and customer needs.

Can’t find what you’re looking for online? Call us and we’ll find it for you. Our search engine is pretty smart. But nothing is smarter than you and our Crucial crew working together to find a perfect fit with our product and your production. Our broad selection and deep knowledge means you get the right music—right now!

If We Don’t Have It, We’ll Find It

Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, we’ll find the perfect piece for your placement. But once in a Blue Moon, we get stumped. Does that mean you’re out of luck? No way.

We’re totally dedicated to our clients—even if that means helping them find the music they need in one of our competitors’ catalogs.

We know that getting the music for just the right price is crucial to the success of your work. And the success of your work is crucial to us. So on the odd chance that we don’t have what you need, we’ll go out and get it for you.

Fast, Flexible, Digital Delivery

Still picking up tunes off CDs and FTP sites? Give it up for a faster and more flexible approach to working with music. Your Crucial Music account allows you store music selections on a per-project basis.

Audition songs. Add the ones you like to your project. E-mail project links to your production team and get your approval. The entire process is managed for you on our website.

Licensed To Sell

The last thing you want to worry about after you’ve found the perfect piece for your production is licensing. Licensing is crucial. That’s why everything in our catalog is pre-cleared for both synchronization and master use.

You can audition songs with confidence knowing that you’ll never have a licensing issue when you work with Crucial Music. Everything we have is licensed to sell.

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