Account Questions

What are the benefits of becoming a registered member of
As a free registered member, you will be able to do the following:

  • Set up project folders to save songs and email associates for review
  • Download 320k MP3s or WAVs

Can I listen to songs without becoming a member?
Yes. You can listen to 320K MP3s of all the music available on You must have an approved account to download 320 MP3s or WAVs.

Can I make changes to my account?
Yes. Once you are logged in, click My Account tab, and click the button "Update Account". You can change your registration information, password, and email address.

Searching Questions

How do I search for songs?
Search our site for music by Category (Indie Artist or Library Track), Genre, Sub-Genre,Mood, Orchestration, Lead, Tempo, Era or Lyric Theme. A Keyword box is also supplied to do quick searches by specific words. If you are looking for music that sounds like a specific artist, you can type in the artist or band name between " " in the keyword box.

When I do a search, how are the selections sorted?
On the search results page, songs are sorted alphabetically by Artist name and the by song Title.

I'm not getting any search results?
The more search criteria you select the smaller the universe becomes. If you are not successful in finding a song with every criteria selected, try expanding the universe by deselecting some of the search criteria.

Multiple selections within a drop down search criteria are not possible; multiple selections can be typed into the keywords box.

Use the singular form of the word first i.e. "violin" instead of "violins" in the Keyword search.

If a certain Keyword search is null, try another Keyword that means the same thing or is similar. For example…if a Keyword search by "aria" is null, try "choir" or "opera"to find selections.

Be sure to press the Clear button before each new search.

I'm getting too many search results?
The more search criteria you select the smaller the universe becomes. Try choosing more criteria to narrow your search.

I can't find the song I want?
Call us at 1-818-985-5810 and we'll be happy to locate the exact song you need.

Licensing Questions

Do I have to secure separate licenses for the master recording and synchronization?
No. All of the songs on our site are one-stop. We either own or control the master recording and synchronization rights for all songs on our site.

Can I send a music file to my production staff for evaluation and pre-production?
Yes. You can email your project folder to production staff for evaluation. They will be able to listen to the 320 mp3 files. If you have an "activated" account you be able to email the project folder with 320K mp3 and WAV file downloads.

Can I see a rate card?
Please call us at 1-818-985-5810 for a quote.

How do I license songs?
Songs are licensed for a "needledrop" rate, which means $X per song per use. The amount is determined by the type of clearance you need.

Please call us at 1-818-985-5810 to discuss your licensing needs.

Can I get a blanket or a large volume deal?
Yes. Please call us at 1-818-985-5810 to discuss you licensing needs.

How do I pay?
Once we have agreed upon a rate and terms, you will be sent an invoice for payment along with your license. You must return 2 copies of the license with Licensee's signature, and the invoice must be paid as soon as you know that the music will definitely be used for the project; a cue sheet is preferred along with payment. Your license is not valid until the license has been executed by us, and payment has been made to us. All payment must be made in US Dollars.

To whom do I make checks payable?
Crucial Music Corporation, 31748 Broad Beach, Malibu, CA 90265

Downloading Questions

What format can I get music in?
We offer two formats of delivery: 320k MP3s and WAV files are available for download with an "activated" account.

If I have an "activated" account how do I download songs?
You must log in to see the available download formats. After you have completed the search, select the detail button marked by a + in the first column of the search results table. Details about the song will appear below including the various file formats of each song that we have available to download. Click on the format you would like to download, and a form will appear prompting you thru the download procedure.

I've downloaded the songs, how do I identify the song on my desktop?
All MP3 and WAV files are named by the "catalog#.title". The MP3 files are id-tagged so that if you play them in iTunes, you will see all of the information about the song, including artist, composer, and publisher info. Windows Media Player and other players do not show as much info as the iTunes player, but enough for you to track the song back to us. The WAV files are actually BWAV files, so that if you are using an editing software such as Adobe Audition, all of the song information will appear in the "WAV properties" or "file properties" menu item. If your software doesn't recognize the BWAV data, don't worry, you'll still be able to play/edit the file as a regular WAV.

How do I get around my company's firewall? What is a firewall?
A firewall is a means of securing your organization's systems from unauthorized access or damage by hackers or software pirates. It is usually placed between the Web connection and your organization's servers. A firewall can reside on its own server, or on a server that contains other applications. Firewalls typically prevent unauthorized users from accessing systems, restrict the file size or type of data that can enter your systems, and restrict the way internal users access the Internet. If your firewall prevents you from accessing FTP sites or restricts the file size or type that can be downloaded to your computer, then you need to contact your organization's System Administrator to modify your Internet access.

Miscellaneous Questions

I am trying to complete the cue sheet, where can I find the composer and publisher info?
Search for the song you have used, then select the detail button marked by a + in the first column of the search results table. Details about the song will appear below including composers, publishers, PROs and writer splits.