High-Profile Placements

We know you can write a hit but can you get it on a hit TV show? We can. We know you can score in the studio but can you get your work into a film score? We can do that, too.

We get the best placements in the business. And that means you get the best exposure possible, exposure that drives audiences and music industry execs to take a closer look at you and your work.

We’re Wired For Sound

We’re hooked up, locked in, and well connected to every significant player in our industry. We work with all the major music supervisors, studios, and networks. We’ve got relationships that are probably older than you are. And we make new ones all the time. You won’t find a more direct path to placements or profits than you will with us.

We Negotiate Every Twist and Turn

There’s a science to this business and we understand it well. But there’s also an art. It’s the art of negotiation and we’re very, very good at it. We know how to maximize your return. The flexible financial models we use to get the most out of production budgets allow us to provide more of your music to more people who want it. And that means more money in your pocket.

Retain Your Rights Through Artist-Friendly Licensing

We’ve all heard the horror stories; it’s every artist’s biggest fear: sign on the dotted line and sign your life away. Not with Crucial.

Our deal with you is non-exclusive. That means you’re free to do other non-exclusive deals. You can even place your songs with our direct competitors.

We know what matters most to you is maintaining control of your music. If we break a song in a Hollywood movie, and that leads to your big break with a sweet recording contract, you can still move forward with your career.

We count on you to give us your best music. You can count on us to give you the best deal.

Streamlined Submission Process

We’re busy. You’re busy. Everybody’s busy. And no one wants to waste time on a complicated song submission process. So we make it easy.

Select your songs. Put them in the right format. Load them up. And tell us a little about them so we’ll know how to pitch them into the best spots. We’ll give them a listen and let you know which cuts we like.

We take only songs we know we can place. So if we take you, you can almost certainly count on getting a placement at some point in your contract with us.

If we don’t take any tracks from your first submission, send us some more, and we’ll give you another listen. Our streamlined submission process is fast and easy. Just like it should be.

We Keep in Touch

Got a question? Send us an e-mail. We answer every one. We know that communication is the foundation of great relationships, and that great relationships are the foundation of our business.

Are we busy? You bet we are. But we’re never too busy to talk to one of our artists. We know that without you, our business doesn’t work—and that with you, we can work wonders.

Let the Custom Music Find You

Launching in January 2016, a new service called CrucialCustom. We find the ad work for you, and you get busy writing. Only signed Crucial artists can participate, as we are committed to creating a premium talent pool. If you are a Crucial artist, read the details and opt-in to the service thru your account page. If you are not signed to Crucial yet, submit your best, get into the catalog and you'll be able to participate in CrucialCustom as well.

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