We Know What’s Crucial To You

We’ve built our business on four cornerstones of industry excellence: premium service, uncompromising quality, unquestionable integrity, and great results. We believe we are the best at what we do. And when you work with us, we think you’ll believe it, too.

Premium Service Is Crucial

We’ve got a great website that serves our clients well. But we want to serve you even better. You want your music digitized, not your customer experience. That’s why we’re available, on the phone or in person, to help you achieve your goals. We’ll go the extra mile and then run a marathon for you if that’s what it takes because we know that premium service is crucial.

Uncompromising Quality Is Crucial

The world is full of great music. More people are cranking out more music of higher quality than ever before. Some catalogs have millions of cuts. But if you’re an artist, do you really want to be a needle in a haystack? And if you’re a supervisor, do you really need a million tracks, when just a few will do? We might be the smallest catalog you’re working with, but we’ll bet that we’re the best. We take less than 10% of the music we receive. And we only take music that matches the level of the high-quality placements we are known for. We work hard to secure the best music for the best applications because we know that uncompromising quality is crucial.

Unquestionable Integrity Is Crucial

Our industry moves at light speed. But nothing is faster than the speed of trust. Our agenda is transparent. Our relationships are straightforward honest. Our business practices are above reproach. Ask anyone who’s worked with us. We’re always working to earn your trust and respect because we know that unquestionable integrity is crucial.

Great Results Are Crucial

Results are the measure of everything we do. Our artists get great results because we only take songs we know we can place. Our supervisors get great results because the songs in our catalog are carefully screened not just for musical quality but for specific usefulness in audiovisual applications. We know what’s hot and what’s not in indie music. We know what clicks and what sticks when it comes to music for motion. We work hard to get our clients great results because we know that great results are crucial.

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