Recently, Crucial Music Placed Indies In Sundance Grand Jury Prize Winner "We Live In Public", "Superbad" Director's "Adventureland", and CBS' "The Mentalist"

Recently, Crucial Music Placed Indies In Sundance Grand Jury Prize Winner "We Live In Public", "Superbad" Director's "Adventureland", and CBS' "The Mentalist"

By focusing on the song, Crucial has recently secured substantial film/tv placements for its artists, and differentiated itself from the growing number of film/tv placement companies available to them.

Crucial Music, an online service that connects independent artists and labels with music supervisors who place music in film, television, video games and advertising, has quickly become a leader in the marketplace. Quality music and quick service has resulted in recent high profile placements for its artists in feature films and TV shows such as Adventureland, The Road, The Mentalist, Lie To Me, Ghost Whisperer and many more. When other companies are boasting placements on MTV, Discovery Channel, and a host of other non or low paying cable networks, Crucial is able to stand proud next to its credits which are delivering substantial dollars for its artists.

A small catalog compared to many, Crucial Music is very particular about the music it chooses to represent. Each song is evaluated for its ability to secure placements as either feature or background use. What makes a great album cut doesn't necessarily make a great song for film or television use. A song's lyrics, hook, melody, vocal performance and production quality are all part of the equation. Three staff members, all experienced music industry professionals, listen to every submission, and select only those songs that enhance a visual story. Crucial receives hundreds of submissions each week from around the world and only 10% are approved for representation. CEO/President Tanvi Patel comments "Sometimes artists are hurt at the fact that we don't want every song in their catalog. But not every song is a masterpiece. Even Picasso had some duds. One great song is better than ten mediocre ones when it comes to earnings potential."

It's this commitment to quality that has been the secret to Crucial's success. Patel says, "Music supervisors have come to trust our ears and know that we will deliver high quality tracks for each request...and so they come back to us repeatedly for every need...whether it's fado, russian hip hop, alt rock, or teeny bop pop. They also know that we won't pitch them anything that doesn't work; we know how valuable their time is."

Crucial Music encourages artists and labels representing all genres to submit music, which can be done very easily through the website. Once a song(s), is accepted, a non-exclusive representation agreement is executed and the music is added to the online database and made available on portable hard drives. When a particular track is selected for placement, Crucial Music negotiates a rate for the license, including the master use and synch fees, of which 50 percent goes to the label or artist. Access to the Crucial Music service to both artists submitting music and those seeking music for placement is entirely free of charge.

Crucial Music is the brainchild of industry veterans Jim Long and Tanvi Patel. Long is a recognized leader in the music business with successful ventures that include investment, ownership, and operations of award-winning broadcast and entertainment companies including TM Productions, FirstCom, and OneMusic Corporation. He continues to own and operate Point Classics, LLC, one of the world's largest classical music catalogs. Patel provides insight into the needs of both artist and producer and brings vast experience from the fields of radio broadcasting, record label operations, and the production music library business.

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