Crucial Music Secures Opening Credits Track in Amanda Bynes Film Sydney White for Independent Artist!

Crucial Music Secures Opening Credits Track in Amanda Bynes Film Sydney White for Independent Artist!

LOS ANGELES, August 23, 2007

Crucial Music, an online service that connects independent artists and labels with music supervisors who place music in film television and advertising, is establishing itself as a leader in the marketplace, with feature placements in highly rated television shows and feature films.

For Dallas based artist, Saturn Missiles, Crucial Music has secured the highly coveted music spot in the opening credits to Amanda Bynes new film called Sydney White, releasing in theatres on Sept. 21, 2007 by Morgan Creek/Universal Pictures. The upbeat, alternative rock track "New Day's Dawning" sets the pace for a modern retelling of the classic tale of Snow White and Seven Dwarfs, as Sydney White heads off to college to experience sorority life, love, and friendships. Composer and member of the band Baboon, James Henderson writes his personal projects under the Saturn Missiles moniker. Of Crucial, James says "Being affiliated with Crucial has created opportunities for my music that I simply couldn't create for myself. It's very exciting to know that they are pitching my music to some of the biggest names in the industry. Crucial absolutely delivers for their artists."

In addition to this high profile placement, Crucial Music has placed independent artists' songs in hit summer shows and upcoming films...ABC Family's "Greek" has used music by independent flamenco guitarist Chris Jacome and Virt Records singer-songwriter Brenda Weiler, of which Michael Tarlowe, Founder & President, Virt Records, says "In securing high-profile placements for our music in various prime-time television shows, Crucial Music has helped our artists get exposed to wider audiences and has provided our label with a valuable source of incremental revenue" "Kyle XY" has used many songs from the Crucial catalog including "Plan C" by Austrian electronica group Sonic Adventure Project; blues artist Mark Cook, has seen two of his songs used in TNT's runaway hit "Saving Grace", starring Holly Hunter, as an Oklahoman cop who is haunted by a last chance angel......Mark says "It was a total thrill to hear my music played during the scenes of 2 episodes of TNT's number one new series, "Saving Grace." Crucial Music gives me and my songs a way to be heard and I hope that this is the beginning of a long term relationship" ; and "Cleaner", an upcoming Millenium Films/MGM release starring Samuel Jackson, Eva Mendez and Ed Harris, features a reggaeton track by Latin band Milenio Flow. Other productions using Crucial: Paramount's film Hot Rod, Sci Fi's Flash Gordon, FX's Damages, Lifetime's Army Wives, and Bratz: The Movie.

President and CEO, Tanvi Patel says "What sets us apart from other placement services is that we are securing spots in feature positions, for longer periods, in highly rated television shows and films. What this means to the artist is better exposure and greater long term performance income than your usual background placement in a cable reality show."

Crucial Music encourages artists and labels representing all genres to submit music, which can be done very easily through the website. Once a song(s), is accepted, a non-exclusive representation agreement is executed and the music is added to the online database and made available on portable hard drives. When a particular track is selected for placement, Crucial Music negotiates a rate for the license, including the master use and synch fees, of which 50 percent goes to the label or artist. Access to the Crucial Music service to both artists submitting music and those seeking music for placement is entirely free of charge.

Crucial Music is the brainchild of industry veterans Jim Long and Tanvi Patel. Long is a recognized leader in the music business with successful ventures that include investment, ownership, and operations of award-winning broadcast and entertainment companies including TM Productions, FirstCom, and OneMusic Corporation. He continues to own and operate Point Classics, LLC, one of the world's largest classical music catalogs. Patel provides insight into the needs of both artist and producer and brings vast experience from the fields of radio broadcasting, record label operations, and the production music library business.

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