Music Supervisors and Independent Artists and Labels Gain Crucial Music Connection Through Free Online Service

Music Supervisors and Independent Artists and Labels
Gain Crucial Music Connection Through Free Online Service

Crucial Music Web Site Offers Searchable Database And
Streamlined Licensing Process For Music In Film, Television and

Independent Artists And Labels Are Encouraged To Submit Music Now

LOS ANGELES, June 8, 2006, Crucial Music

Crucial Music is a new, online service that provides music supervisors, music
editors and creative directors quick and easy access to a detailed, easily
searchable database of pre-screened and pre-cleared songs from independent
record labels and artists across multiple genres. The site is fully functional
with a growing catalog of music.

For the independent artist and label, Crucial Music is a vital tool. For
the first time, creators of original music have a direct and simple path to
those important gatekeepers who place music in film, commercials and
television shows and an unprecedented opportunity to earn revenue without
giving up ownership of their master recordings or publishing. Access to the
Crucial Music database to both artists submitting music and those seeking
music for placement is entirely free of charge.

"Crucial Music is a one-stop agency for licensing independent music to
films, TV shows, and commercials," said Executive VP/Managing Partner, Tanvi
Patel. "We are equally committed to helping break new artists through
placements as we are to working with music buyers' budgetary requirements
and deadlines. Music licensing becomes 'hassle free' for both the creator
and the producer, a win-win situation for all."

Crucial Music's service is based on its proprietary search software that
allows clients to search by categories such as genre, theme, tempo, mood,
era, vocal and instrumentation to easily pinpoint that perfect piece of
music. All songs and instrumental tracks in the Crucial Music catalog are
carefully evaluated by the firm's A&R staff for superior quality focusing on
key elements in assessing a song's potential including strong hooks, catchy
melodies and universal themes and lyric content. The ultra-intuitive,
super-fast search engine displays the results by artist name and song title
and allows the client to immediately listen to all possibilities.

Artists, or their labels, can submit up to three songs at a time directly
through the Web site. Once a song, or songs, is accepted, a non-exclusive
representation agreement is executed and the music is added to the online
database and made available on portable hard drives for a period of three
years. When a particular track is selected for placement, Crucial Music
negotiates a rate for the license, including the master use and synch fees,
of which a full 50 percent goes to the label or artist. Creators collect the
standard performance fee from their respective performing rights
organization (PRO). Crucial Music also provides quarterly reports and
payments for the duration of the contract.

In addition to traditional online search capabilities, the system provides,
for registered clients, the ability to use the site as time- and
space-saving virtual storage. Music buyers can create project folders, email
tracks to associates and download 128k MP3s or full WAV files for final
mixes. Crucial Music also offers the option of a portable external hard
drive that contains its entire catalog in 128k MP3 and WAV formats and can
be plugged into any computer or digital editing system providing clients
with a desktop version of the full search engine and database. Portable
hard drives are updated and distributed quarterly.

Even though its online database is designed as an invaluable, self-service
resource for music buyers, the company's veteran staff remains committed to
a level of personal service that includes hands-on assistance in locating
just the right music on tight deadlines. Since Crucial Music
representatives listen to and assess each and every title in its catalog,
they are intimately familiar with available selections and can offer
knowledgeable guidance and recommendations.

Crucial Music is the brainchild of industry veterans Jim Long and Tanvi
Patel, who have spent many years together and individually, cultivating key
relationships with both creators and buyers. Long is a recognized leader in
the music business with successful ventures that include investment,
ownership, and operations of award-winning broadcast and entertainment
companies including TM Productions, FirstCom, and OneMusic Corporation.
Long's companies have placed thousands of music copyrights in films such as
A Beautiful Mind and Brokeback Mountain, as well as current TV shows The
Office, American Idol, and House. He continues to own and operate Point
Classics, LLC, one of the world's largest classical music catalogs.

Patel provides insight into the needs of both artist and producer and brings
vast experience from the fields of radio broadcasting, record label
operations, and the production music library business.

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