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Tanvi Patel is always there in a pinch with the right music for the right price. I know to expect nothing but the best from the Crucial Music catalog.”—Greg Sweeney, Warner Brothers TV Music

Crucial Music is my ‘go to’ call. The quality of their music is fantastic. Tanvi Patel always comes through quickly, within my budget, and with a smile.”—Chris Tergesen, Music Supervisor

An excellent source for licensing authentic songs on a limited budget. Crucial has an A-list roster of artists and songs. And their website service is simple and efficient.”—Tricia Halloran, Halloran's Planet

The people at Crucial just get it. High-quality music and clearance, quick and easy. They are especially helpful when you need creative brainstorming.”—Gary Calamar, SuperMusicVision

They work fast and within our price range. And the quality and quantity of their music is outstanding! Their support over the years has made my job a lot easier.”—Tony VonPervieux, ABC Studios

It would be next to impossible to have such high-quality music on many projects without Crucial Music.”—Chris Mollere, Fusion Music Supervision


I've worked with the people from Crucial for years. Their commitment to the artist is unparalleled; they know how to market to film and TV.”—Pat Boone

I just wanted to thank you again for getting "Dear Love" on Switched At Birth. I recently noticed an increase in iTunes sales of that song and I definitely owe it to you for getting it the exposure it needed. Your rock!”—Quanah Hicks

Just want to say thank you for what you have done with "Pull You Through", it's no1 topic on tunefinder and just went into no 12 on the itunes singer/songwriter charts, after 27 years of trying to get a break i've done it because of your help.”—John Taylor

I’ve been doing business with Crucial’s Jim Long for over ten years, placing Silver Wave music. The deals we’ve done have been very lucrative, and we receive payment every quarter without fail. I’m looking forward to more work with Crucial.”—James Marienthal, Silver Wave Records

It has been a wonderful year for tune placement, and I am so grateful to Crucial Music. Your results are awesome.”—Brad Mersereau

As an unknown artist, it was a huge surprise to have my music placed on a major TV show after just a few months.”— Josh Arnold


Musician - Getting Your Music Licensed Today
Tanvi Patel is a music licensing executive and President/CEO of Crucial Music, a one-stop agency for licensing independent music to films, TV shows, and commercials. Crucial has placed songs in Academy Award-winning films like Brokeback Mountain and A Beautiful Mind and Emmy-winning TV shows like Six Feet Under, The Office, Vampire Diaries and Boardwalk Empire. She has also worked on music in national commercials for Toyota, DKNY Pure, Royal Caribbean and Jaguar. Tanvi was one of the first music industry professionals I interviewed for this blog, and I have reposted her initial interview about music licensing many times. Recently, I got to catch up with her again and discuss how music licensing has changed in the past few years, and what artists need to know about getting their music placed in film and television.

Online music libraries are nothing new, but as the Internet matures, data ascends over physical media, and markets and applications for music placement expand, such libraries have become more essential than ever before for music editors.

Recently, Crucial Music Placed Indies In Sundance Grand Jury Prize Winner "We Live In Public", "Superbad" Director's "Adventureland", and CBS' "The Mentalist"
Recently, Crucial Music Placed Indies In Sundance Grand Jury Prize Winner "We Live In Public", "Superbad" Director's "Adventureland", and CBS' "The Mentalist" By focusing on the song, Crucial has recently secured substantial film/tv placements for its artists, and differentiated itself from the growing number of film/tv placement companies available to them.

SEACOASTONLINE.COM - The Digbees, staying home and collecting the check
The Digbees are doing OK for themselves these days. In addition to area live performances they've scored a number of placements in film and television. Their first licensed tune was heard on The CW's "Veronica Mars." The next on ABC Family's "Greek." They also did a theme song for the web cast series "High Heel Samurai." Now "I'm a Wanker" from their CD "Rubber Revolver: The Stinky Blackwater Tapes Vol. II" is scheduled for "Ball's Out" a new film starring Randy Quaid, scheduled for 2009.

HOTPRESS.COM - Niall Toner song used on GTA soundtrack
Grand Theft Auto 4 is the biggest selling video game in history, having grossed over $7 million since its April 29 launch. Toner's song, "The Real Real", which is also known as "The Dublin 2-Step", soundtracks a scene set in a New York Irish pub. It was written and recorded in 1990 with a single release in mind, but never made it into the shop

Act Locally, Think Globally With Crucial Music!
Crucial Music, an online service that connects independent artists and labels with music supervisors who place music in film television and advertising, is establishing itself as a leader in the marketplace, with feature placements of international artists in highly rated television shows and feature films. The Elliots of Sweden have been receiving much attention from Crucial's music supervisor clients. Since their signing, Crucial Music has placed their songs in ABC Family's Kyle XY, CBS' Close To Home, and CBS' Moonlight (multiple episodes). Petur Olafsson, member of The Elliots says

Crucial Music Secures Opening Credits Track in Amanda Bynes Film Sydney White for Independent Artist!
Crucial Music, an online service that connects independent artists and labels with music supervisors who place music in film television and advertising, is establishing itself as a leader in the marketplace, with feature placements in highly rated television shows and feature films. For Dallas based artist, Saturn Missiles, Crucial Music has secured the highly coveted music spot in the opening credits to Amanda Bynes new film called Sydney White, releasing in theatres on Sept. 21, 2007 by Morgan Creek/Universal Pictures.

PASTE, AUGUST 2006 An Indie-Soundtrack One-Stop Shop? Crucial Music Takes Aim
All it took for Sub pop band The Shins to slide from underground heroes to mainstream popularity was one mention in the film "Garden State." Using the same strategy, Crucial Music- an independent music database ( aims to give other lesser-known artists similar opportunities. The free service works with the TV, film and advertising industries, giving bands a chance to be heard by people who could make their careers. Already, artists who've used Crucial Music have been featured on Lifetime's Cheerleader Nation, Chevy Chase's Funny Money and ABC Family's Wildfire.

Crucial Music Signs Variety of Independent Artists and Labels To Online Catalog
Crucial Music, the new online service that gives independent artists and labels a way to access the people who place music in film, television and commercials, has added a wide variety of music to its growing catalog ranging from Rock, Pop, and Country to Dance, Electronica and Hip Hop to Native American and Hot Club Jazz. Since the website's official launch last month,, Crucial Music's A&R team has been carefully reviewing a flood of online submissions from independent artists and labels.

Music Supervisors and Independent Artists and Labels Gain Crucial Music Connection Through Free Online Service
Crucial Music is a new, online service that provides music supervisors, music editors and creative directors quick and easy access to a detailed, easily searchable database of pre-screened and pre-cleared songs from independent record labels and artists across multiple genres. The site is fully functional with a growing catalog of music. For the independent artist and label, Crucial Music is a vital tool. For the first time, creators of original music have a direct and simple path to those important gatekeepers who place music in film, commercials and television shows and an unprecedented opportunity to earn revenue without giving up ownership of their master recordings or publishing.

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